For a document to be accepted outside of its country of origin as a Legal document the document needs to be Authenticated in its country of origin. This process is commonly known as Attestation. This process includes when and where necessary Authentication at Government Departments like degrees and other, academic documents, Authentication of medical reports at the health Professionals Counsel, Authentication and Apostille of Divorce decrees and translations at the High Court, Apostille and Authentication at Department of International Relations and Co-operation.

A final step if necessary would be legalization or authentication by the relevant Embassy.

These documents are not limited to but could include:

  • Unabridged birth and marriage certificates; Letter of no Impediment.
  • Degree certificates, diplomas, matric certificates and academic transcripts;
  • Police clearance certificates;
  • Passport copies
  • Medical reports and certificates;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Contracts and trade documents

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Personal Police Clearance Certificates

Under certain circumstances a Clearance is Required to confirm the absence of criminal convictions. This Document is known in South Africa as a POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE.

We offer a fast and efficient service to obtain a South African Police Clearance Certificate

South African Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Criminal Record Center of the South African Police Service.

It is an official document which can be Apostatized and Authenticated for use in other countries.

Obtaining a Police Clearance certificate on your behalf is a simple process which entails.

  • Downloading the application forms
  • Obtaining fingerprints
  • If you are outside of South Africa either emailing us your electronic prints or scanning your prints to us.

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Vehicle Police Clearance Certificate 

Under certain circumstances a Police Clearance is needed for Motor Vehicles.

  • Stolen Recovered Vehicles: It is important that a Stolen Recovered Vehicle that is recovered must be presented to the SAPS to be police cleared.
  • Engine Change It is important that the e-natis system is updated with the new engine number. Omitting this process will result that a Road Worthy Certificate cannot be obtained and in the result of an insurance claim the identification of the vehicle can be compromised.
  • Built-up or scrapped vehicle to be re-introduced into the e-natis system
  • Vehicles imported into South Africa
  • Vehicle Export Police Clearance or a SARPCO Clearance is needed to export any vehicle from South Africa.
  • When leaving South African Borders with your vehicle it is advisable to obtain a police to confirm that the vehicle is not stolen.

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Divorce Decree and Settlement Agreement

We can assist you in obtaining a copy of your Divorce Decree and Divorce Settlement Agreement if the divorce took place in Johannesburg or Pretoria

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Home Affairs Documents: Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates and Letter of No Impediment

Unfortunately, GMTM Consultants does not assist with obtaining Home Affairs documents any more but in the effort to deliver a one stop service we have an agreement agreement with TR Consultants, whom is very successful to obtain the documents on your behalf.

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