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When countries are not signatories to The La Hague Convention documents cannot be Apostilled but must be Attested by their local Embassy.

This process follows the same route as Apostille with the one difference that instead of a Apostille seal the Department of International Relations and Development affixes a Authentication seal. This is then followed by presenting the document to the relevant Embassy for Attestation


• We prepare the documents.

• Obtain Authentication at relevant authorities.

• Lodge the document to the relevant Embassy for Attestation.

• Payment of relevant fees. ( Some embassy's only accept EFT while others only accept cash or bank guaranteed cheque's.

• Lead times are between 2 and 5 working days. It is important to note that foreign country embassy's have additional holidays as well as religious holidays in addition to South African Holidays.

Embassy legalisation Process

Steps for Embassy Attestation

 • Email us a list of the documents to be attested as well as the target country (To assist you can also scan the documents to us) to       info@gmtm.co.za

 • If you accept the Quotation Courier the following to us:

   •• Client Sheet

   ••Original documents

   •• Write lightly in pencil at the back of each document your Initials, Surname and the the target country.

 • On Receipt of the documents we will;

   •• We will confirm receipt.

   •• We will email you a invoice with banking details.

   •• Process the Legalisation

   •• On receipt of payment we will courier the certificates to u.

 • Lead Time (Lead Times are indications and will be confirmed with each order)

   •• Authentication at DIRCO: 3 to 4 working days.

   •• Certification at Department Education etc. 3 to 5 working days.

   •• Authentication School Qualifications at Umalisi : 3 to 10 working days:

   •• Certification at embassy: 5  to 10 working days

 Fee is calculated per Department at:

    • R 495 for the first document plus statuary fees.

    • R 95 per document thereafter  plus statuary fees.

    • Additional Fees not included.

       •• Forex fees of R325 per payment from outside South Africa including Pay Pal.

       •• Cash payment bank charges of R 100 per cash payment  into our bank account.

       •• Courier fees of R 150 in South Africa and R 625 International.

       •• Departmental or Embassy Fees.

Either call us on (+27) 012 670 9010/20 or email us at info@gmtm.co.za for the full information package.

Welcome to our website information on Attestation of Documents by Embassys. If you do not find the information you need please feel free to contact or email us.

Regards Gawie Maritz

Owner and Managing Director