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Fees and Cost

Apply for your Marriage Certificate On-Line and  get it Delivered World Wide

Follow these easy steps: Please take time to read.

 • Download and complete:

  •• Application for a Marriage Certificate BI 130

  •• Write the reason the certificate is needed for.

   ( Very Important don't write your cell phone number - leave blank. We use that space for our numbers for tracking purposes.)

 • Very Important additional documentation needed for marriages from 2000 called a DHA130 or BI 30. When you get married you complete a form DHA130 with the marriage officer. This is a A4 size and where you and the witnesses sign. The original is handed in to register the marriage. The    marriage officer keeps a copy in his book. We need a copy of that certificate.

 • Additional Information : Download and complete

   •• Client sheet - only one per batch of  applications.

   •• Power of attorney.

• Make a copy of the ID of the person whom does the application.  

• Scan and email the applications to us at

 ( To make it easier please type pr write in block letters using a black pen)


What we do when we receive the applications.

 • We go through the applications and make sure that according to our knowledge we have enough information to start the process.

 • If we are satisfied we will send you a invoice. Invoice is payable  Immediately as the lead time only commences when the payment reflects in    our bank account.

 • The applications are lodged the first working day after we have received the deposit. ( Although this is the norm we usually lodge at the first   opportunity after we have received the applications as we understand the urgency).

 • After we have lodged the application we make sure that the application is registered on the relevant systems and being processed.

 • We follow up and deal with any queries.

 • When the certificate is ready we collect it and proceed with it according to your instructions.

Lead Times

 • Expedited Abridged Marriage Certificates 3 working days.

 • Expedited Unabridged Marriage Certificates 20 working days.

 • Non Expedited - Normal lead time Marriage Certificates from 8 weeks plus.

 • Please note that although we are successful in more in 85% of our applications lead times cannot be guaranteed.

 • When does the Lead Time Commences. The first working day after all the under mentioned requirements was met.

    •• Payment reflects in our bank account.

    •• Six days after Pay Pal payments were made by yourself.

    •• All required documents and information was supplied.

Fees and Cost

 • Abridged Marriage Certificate: R 575 payable on application.

 • Unabridged Marriage Certificate:

    •• Deposit on application of R 545

    •• Payment on completion R 395

    •• Expedite fee if successfully expedited in 20 working days R 745.

 • Additional Fees not included.

    •• Forex fees of R 285 per payment from outside South Africa including Pay Pal.

    •• Cash payment bank charges of R 100 per cash payment  into our bank account.

    •• Courier fees of R 150 in South Africa and R 625 International.

    •• Apostille and authentication fees

Important when completing the application form for a Marriage Certificate

The following information is important:

 • Id numbers of both the husband and wife.

 • Maiden surname of wife.

 • If the wife was previously married both the previous married surname as well as her maiden name.

 • The marriage status of the husband and wife when they got married i.e. Bachelor/Spinster/Divorced/

 • Marriage application: ID nr for both husband and wife. Maiden surname for wife

  • If the wife was previously married the under mentioned information is also needed.

     •• Her maiden and previous surname

     •• Status i.e. Bachelor/Spinster/Divorcee/

     •• Date of marriage

     ••Place and Church of marriage

     •• If one may be a foreigner, date of birth and place of birth

     •• In cases where people were married long ago the date of marriage as well as the

          place of marriage is important

     •• If the couple were recently married ( from 2000) a BI30 must be send with the application

South African Marriage Certificate